Information about Cogarden Market


Our Mission

Cogarden is a company dedicated to connecting people, places, and food. We believe communities that grow and consume food together are more economically stable, healthier, and better places to live.

On our marketplace you can:

  • Buy locally grown food

  • Connect with people to help you grow food

  • Find space to grow or lease space you have

  • Rent tools and equipment

  • Host a produce stand or cold space

Why Cogarden?

The distribution of income in the food supply is basically upside-down, with the people who do the most work earning the least. We believe that people working together locally can reverse the inequities that exist and make a healthier system, specifically:

  • Give the grower a larger share of retail profits by creating direct to consumer marketplaces

  • Reduce food waste by growing and distributing food at the local level

  • Encourage the production of food for flavor and nutrition rather than display and shipping

  • Increase consumer choice by reducing grower barriers to market, (make it really simple to sell your food).

Our Approach

We are a platform that connects people, places and food

  • Get to know the people who grow your food, where it’s grown and the practices used to grow it

  • You can fund growers in your community, turning vacant lots into profitable gardens

  • Search and buy just what you want, pick up or have it delivered

  • Turn your garden into a profit center or donate to local charities

  • Cogardeners can choose from variety of ways to get involved: purchasing from others, volunteering on a community plot, learning from expert gardeners, donating their land, or sharing/trading harvests

  • Traceability is key to everything we do. Cogardeners know who grew their food, where and what practices were used in the process

  • We are building a self-sustaining community where people share experiences related to food, learn from experts, experience artisan quality at reasonable prices, create the skills and demand necessary to sustain thriving local food economies

Where We are Headed

  • Our app allows growers to track food production from seed to harvest and works as a gardening journal, allowing growers to track their production process including who worked when, on what plants, what locations, specific tasks, and photographs to document the entire process

Please check it out we would love your feedback!