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Cogarden Market

You know how great it is when a coworker brings in fresh food from their garden? The Cogarden Market is a way to experience fresh, local food every day by listing what you grow or buying local food on our market. Cogardening is also about creating diverse food sources closer to your home by sharing space and skills. We expanded the experience to hire personal food growers, or offer space for others to grow food. So if you are an expert food grower with wholesome produce, or have space you want to turn into a bountiful garden, or host a crop swap, just “Sign Up” and "Post a New Listing."

What if there are no Cogardeners in My Area?

Start the trend! Cogarden Market is a great way to meet other people in your neighborhood interested in local, fresh food and growing methods.

How Much Should I Charge?

Whatever makes it worthwhile for you. Remember, a big part of Cogardening is what you get back from others in the form of friendships and what you will learn about gardening. Using the supermarket as a reference for prices is a good practice, adding a  premium for freshness and the care you put into the food. In general it is not a good idea to compete with supermarkets. Remember supermarkets are restricted by their shelf space, you are not, so don’t be afraid to grow things you can’t find in the supermarket. You will always receive a premium for unique and hard to find food. Grow what you have a passion for and everything else will follow!

You can choose to donate your surplus produce to food pantries or food banks as well. And help community organizations that are bringing access to food deserts across the country.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join!  But not everyone is a good fit for Cogarden.  We will continually pour over reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within our community. Cogarden is a great thing for the whole community, but we need your help to make sure that the right folks are involved.

Things to remember:

  • Always assume best intentions. A posting may seem odd to you so please ask questions before passing judgement

  • Growing food is one of the oldest and most natural human activities. We will be growing food long after today’s trends and politicians are gone. Please remember this when posting

  • Invite your neighbors, coworkers, and family. Follow other cogardeners to build your own network. It is free.

Cogarden. The Neighbor Food Network.

Learning More

If you want to lean more about Cogarden and how to use this site, click on Knowledge Bank in the top bar of any page