Your Community Food Network

Discover Community Food Sources

Food Producers

Small batch producers of fresh veggies, herbs, micro greens, honey, eggs, seedlings, seeds, and/or value added artisanal food products and cater to niche audiences.

Food Hubs

Community food facilities that produce, procure, distribute product from small batch food producers, and support transparent sourcing and pricing practices. 

Seasonal Surplus

Seasonal fruit and produce from home gardens, community gardens, community gleaners that is ready to harvest, enjoy, juice, or process.

Find Curators

Community advocates who share experiences that foster transparency & trust between producers & buyers.

Find Skills

Find nearby mentors or community food producers who can help you produce food for self, or for market. 

Find Space

Find suitable space in your community, and expand your product volume, variety, and access new markets.

Connect, Co-produce, Co-source


Follow cogardeners whose updates matter to you. Message/unfollow/block cogardeners, receive network updates.

Host Or Hire

Connect with cogardeners who are willing to share space suitable to produce food, or can help produce food with your space.

Facilitate Access

Connect with cogardeners who curate your nearby food sources & convenient drop sites for your orders.

Track Time & Activity

Curate your production practices, and experiences in your production site, or at a Host site.

Track Sales

List source identified products, track your catalog, broadcast availability, orders, payments, purchases.

Track Purchases

Receive network availability updates, manage shopping list, make offers, pay on purchase or delivery, rate purchases.

Enable A Community Food Grid

Cogarden is an opportunity for food entrepreneurs to discover new local markets, and for community food enthusiasts to discover passionate food producers in their community, and be active participants in their food system.

This video describes Cogarden's focus on building food growing communities as an alternative to the factory food system.

Join us. Let's Cogarden.

Buy, Offer, Trade

Cogardeners, curate, promote and sell source identified food products from nearby food producers. Your orders are delivered by your Seller to your chosen Drop site, or for Pickup from their site.

Order From Community Producers

Order before the crop is planted or harvested, or during its journey from seed to fruit. Order for self, a friend, your buyers club, or a deserving community member. Buy just what you need, or negotiate a bulk purchase. Pay when you order, or on delivery.

Lower Your Food Miles

Less travelled food means richer nutritional value, taste and a more personal relationship with your food source. It also means lesser smoke, smaller warehouses, reduced waste, and more equitable relationships.

Food That Reflects Your Values

Find food producers who share your food system values, and deliver to your taste, quality, quantity and affordability. Connect with your network of community food sources, follow them to receive availability updates, and production practices.

Become A Food Source

Find a mentor and grow at home, or host a food grower who needs your space. List your surplus produce for others to order. Or sign up as a Drop Site Host and expand access to fresh food in your community from nearby food producers.

Join us. Let's Cogarden.

Sell, Trade, Donate

The Cogarden Platform helps you make available source identified product, transparent production practices, and pricing to your buyers efficiently, and expand your market.


Catalog your products for the season, or year. Publish to your network based on availability, produce to order.


Curate and share your field activity within your network and nearby Cogardeners. Help build community awareness and trust. 


Track your availability, identify sources, orders, and customers. Manage your network and product visibility.

Join us. Let's Cogarden.

Write To Us

We need help crafting, communicating, and executing on our vision! If you have the energy or the experience, or a healthy combination of both, we would love to hear from you.

*Please check local zoning laws, health and environmental laws, and any other legal aspects to ensure your products are permissible for sale to public. Cogarden is for users who are 18 years or older.

The Cogarden Platform provides tools that enable a transparent exchange of information between food sources, service providers, and buyers, and transaction processing services for commercial activity they choose to engage in. Cogarden does not store, sell, or deliver product to its users. Electronic exchange on the Cogarden Platform is secured by SSL standards. Cogarden does not store credit card information, and uses third party payment processing providers like PayPal to process user payments.